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Flowers in Pocket

Emory Berrey

An Alabama native, through her inspiring and authentic music, Emory Berrey is imprinting the hope of a loving God upon her world. Ranging from long and beautiful melodies/worship songs to inspiring and authentic messages, her music has been described as beautiful, positive, inspirational, hopeful, powerful, freeing, wise, impactful, and unique. 

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More About Me...

My music sounds personal. It’s all about God and the hope that He brings to the world
through His great love. The purpose of my music is to bring Glory to God and others to Christ. It is to bring a hope - filled message, and it is to help others find freedom and peace through what God has spoken to me in time of need and darkness.


I want my music to speak to hurting and broken people, to joy-filled people, to
children longing for Abba Father, to everyone it can, and for it all to be centered around
Christ and His love for us and how impactful/powerful He is.

I believe my music can accomplish this mission because I write about my own
experiences and how God has helped me through, or even the things He has spoken to
me with love. It’s healing, it’s holding onto hope with everything you’ve got left, even if
that means Jesus is all you’re holding onto, and sometimes that means taking one day at a time...even one moment and one breath at a time to get through to the other side of pain.


When I first started writing, it took me a couple of months to write my first song because
I didn't even know I could write at all. I always knew I wanted to be a singer but I did not
know I had the gift to write music as well. My single, "Fall Apart," was written within a couple of weeks. Next thing I know lyrics, melodies and songs just started pouring out of me like water. But these lyrics that came were not about a breakup or anything like that. The words that flowed out of me were about God and hope-filled.

Connect with Emory Berrey on social media to follow her journey and learn more about her latest releases and the stories, struggles, and triumphs behind her music.

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Producer, David Vest

E320 Studios


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